If you want more bookings, lower fees and an all round property management service…..we can help.

Knowing where and how to market a holiday home so that it generates booking enquiries comes from experience. Put this together with a strong administration background, extensive industry experience, a professional approach and someone who is honest and reliable is the best reassurance you can have in protecting your investment whilst ensuring it is run at its full potential.

Having over 10 years experience within the property management industry with 6 of those years managing one of Queenstown’s largest and most successful property management company’s, I am confident that any owner will find the service we offer to be personal, flexible and better than any of our local competitors. Plus you will pay less and earn more!

Call me direct on +64 21 0224 2558 for a free, no obligation appraisal and/or advice.     Andrae van Beers

Our point of difference

The key difference between our company and our competitors is that our main focus is not on increasing numbers and growing a large portfolio of properties. Our belief is that the larger the portfolio of holiday homes, the slimmer the pickings for everyone and the less attention each property receives.  By  managing a select number of quality homes owned by quality clients the focus remains on increasing guest bookings across the board which in turn benefits everyone and not just us!  Quality as opposed to quantity is our preference.

Caring for your home as if it were our own

We greatly appreciate and respect the trust that our client’s instill in us to manage their valuable investment efficiently and professionally. Great Escapes is a small business, so small in fact that we like to think of it as a ‘boutique style’ of property management service. Because our business is small, our attention to detail is high and this enables us to be in a position where we can take a more personal approach to the management of your property.

Our experience

Andrae has over 10 years experience within the property management industry with 6 of those years managing one of Queenstown’s largest and most successful property management companies. Her knowledge and experience within the industry is broad providing absolute confidence to any owner who is seeking a true professional to manage their investment.

Get more / Pay less

Get more by always dealing with the owner of the business (no staff) plus reap the benefit of having more attention on you and your home due to the selective size of our property portfolio.

Pay less because we operate a home based business and work mobile. We can offer a far more affordable and realistic rate because we don’t have the overheads that our competitors do.

If you would like further information with regard to our costs, please contact us directly.


It’s no secret that the key to getting booking enquiries is to market your property. However, where and how your property is marketed is a secret. Marketing is the first and most important part of running a successful holiday home and that’s where Great Escapes excels! We will give your property it’s own identity, target specific websites that we know generate good enquiries plus continue to source new and upcoming website avenues.

An annual fee for marketing is payable by each owner. Some owners may choose to contribute over and above the annual fee to be feature properties and others may not. Each marketing package can be tailored accordingly.

Expected occupancy rates

A common question but difficult to predict. Queenstown’s busiest time of year is ski season so holiday homes are always in high demand during July, August and September. Christmas, New Years, Easter, Australian and New Zealand school holidays are also busy. However, not all homes rent well just because it’s a busy time of year.

If your property is well presented, marketed right, priced right and managed right then Great Escapes will find you the bookings!


Besides our management fee, each owner is responsible for the following outgoings when operating a holiday home. The nightly rate is structured taking these costs into consideration.

  • electricity
  • gas
  • telephone line rental only
  • maintenance
  • cleaning upon each departure
  • wood (fireplaces)
  • linen supply
  • incidentals

Is operating a holiday home right for you?

The thought of renting your investment property out as a holiday home so that you can generate an income from it as well as have the added benefit of using it yourself is an attractive option. As occupancy rates are unpredictable it really depends on each owners personal situation as to whether this option is suitable or not. A one on one consultation is recommended so that we can inform you of local council requirements, expected operating costs and the overall suitability of your home sitting within our portfolio.